Caring for Students

Welcome to Condell Park High School.

We are proud of our learning environment and look forward to embracing new members into our community. Our school is a place where you can seize opportunities to develop into a successful student and lifelong learner. The student handbook serves as a go-to guide for questions and queries about who, what, where, when and why in relation to school operations.

At CPHS, we recognise that success requires discipline. Each rule and process exists specifically for the benefit of the individual as well as the overall group. As we open our gates to you and invite you to call CPHS your home, we expect that by joining us, you commit to, respect and uphold the requirements outlined in this information booklet.
We encourage all students and their families to maintain strong communication with the school in order for us to achieve the best learning outcomes at all times.

The Student Handbook 2020  is now available for students and parents to download.

Student Handbook 2020